The Alchemical Rose

Maria Mar
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In this Shamanic Story I share with you my tantric initiation into love; a journey that took more than 40 years and is still going on.

This tale shares a process that I call Tantric Awakening. This is a Rites of Passage  that initiates you into a higher capacity for love.

The Story

From the top of a cliff, the woman without a name calls on Ocean Mother to show her who she is, to give her a mirror where she can see her own face.

She begins to hear the song in everything. The colors are radiant. She is a poet! Her name is Vivianne

Then she meets Victor. He is her Sacred Mirror, her soulmate.

As the tantric relationship between Vivianne and Victor progresses, a wild, and tender passion progresses into deep communion and leads to telepathic communication. Vivianne opens her heart to this miracle. But Victor is split. Wild Victor receives the magic and the passion. Mental Victor distrusts that which she cannot control, and begins to judge Vivianne and eventually convinces himself that she has bewitched him.

Victor's attempts to gain back the control he feels he has lost to this erotic, esoteric love leads to a tragic rupture between the lovers, one that cannot be healed.

This betrayal leads to Victor becoming ill, which in turn leads to Vivianne actually casting a spell to save him. Victor's fear that she is a witch now becomes a reality, as Vivianne is initiated into the mystery of alchemy.

This is the story of Vivianne, how she was hurt so deeply by the betrayal of her soulmate that she stopped loving; and how she reclaimed her heart, breaking through fear into a higher expression of love.

It is my story.

The Story Beneath the Story

This is a passionate story that blends the erotic with the sublime, the sensual and the spiritual. It is a journey to transcendence through immanence, which is the Path of the Goddess, the Female Way.

That is why I inserted this story among the Bewomaning Tales, stories to awaken the Female Face of Power, for love is one of the greatest gifts that the Sacred Feminine brings into life.

This is a romantic story, but it is not an easy romance. Here's why:

Love breaks the walls that limit our infinity. This painful demolition demands courage. Love is for the courageous. The cowards hang on to their habits and break love instead.

We must be courageous to let love break us apart and put us back together. But when we do, we transcend our limitations and become greater than we ever dream possible.

If you like romance, magical tales that reveal deeper meaning in life and spiritual revelations, you will love this story.

If you are looking just for an erotic tale of love with a happy ending, this is not it, though it is sensual and it is about love.

The lesson I learned in this journey is this:

Sometimes love comes to us to guide us to the place where love lives in us.

We want the happy ending, the forever. We do not want pain. And we are too attached to possession to consider that this love is a guest.

But I learned to receive the lover as a guest so that love itself becomes my residence.

If you'd like to explore the wisdom in this experience of love and hear my magical love story, walk right in.


I have added to delicious bonuses to enrich your experience:

The Alchemy of Vulnerability:

The Alchemy of Vulnerability is a poetry journey through the process of diving into your loss to grow your love. Created by author-shaman Maria Mar as an experience that immerses you in the power of vulnerability as a gift from the Sacred Feminine, it aims to shit your perception of vulnerability as weakness to vulnerability as an essential alchemical process that allows you to transmute your emotional wounds, trauma and pain into your Personal Power and a higher frequency of love.

Forest of the Wild Red Rose

Forest of the Wild Red Rose (Invitation to the Beloved) is a modern love poem. Created by author-shaman Maria Mar this poetry journey is an experience of a woman standing in her power, knowing and owning her value and inviting love in while staying loyal to the fullness and totality of her being. Experience it as an inspiration of use it as a model to create your own Invitation to the Beloved.


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The Alchemical Rose

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