Go from Blocked to Brilliant!

Maria Mar
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  • Are you banging your head against a wall that refuses to move?
  • Do you face an obstacle similar to what your mother and grandmother faced?
  • Could your obstacle be the result of beliefs and emotions transmitted through generations?
  • Do you find it difficult to believe that your dream is possible, but when you do, you face the judgment or nay-saying of friends and family?
  • Are you facing issues with health, wealth or love?

Then you will find surprising and liberating answers, practices and insights in this powerful Home Study Course, created for the way you learn and change as a woman.

This course includes two books that integrate right and left hemisphere in the process of transformation and manifestation.

  • A Place of Roses: The novella engages your emotions, empathy and creativity, which are key in the way you respond as a woman. In this shamanic fiction I share my own tracking of the wounds that stole my health, wealth and love and the generational family karma I discovered behind my personal limitations. See how my Power Animal tracks down the Shadows and limited beliefs stealing my happiness.

  • Broken Places; Power Places: The workbook guides you through the shamanic insights and practices presented in the story so that you can transmute your emotional wounds and learned limitations into  tools for Life Mastery. Through journal writing, creative activities, mind mapping and other creative projects you apply the story to your life and track down the stories holding you back.

Is this for you?

  • If you love storytelling and  journal writing
  • If you need to  break free from old limitations
  • If you feel tension in family gatherings and suspect that you inherited some of the issues you are dealing with
  • If you are dealing with blockages in the areas of money, love or health
  • If you find how-to personal growth books boring
  • If you are a right-brain spiritual, creative woman
  • If you are a kinetic, experiential learner of find that you need to DO the knowledge in order to really know it (I totally get it. That's why I created this course).

Then this Home Study Course was written for you.

Find inspiration, shamanic tools for transformation, deep insights and soul-nourishing revelations.

This book combo is an alchemy to transmute the old, worn-out and broken places in your psyche into your strongest, Power Places.


  • Digital Book Combo
  • Immediately downloadable
  • PDF Format, printable
  • Read from your browser from anywhere
  • Download to dropbox or Kindle
  • Novella:117 pages|
  • Workbook: 117 pages

The Workbook includes:

  • Maps and templates that you can print to do some of the exercises.
  • Conscious living practices to apply the knowledge to your life.
  • Journal Writing exercises to help you in the process.
  • Access to Maria Mar’s Journal Notes. By following those notes and drawings you can understand the process and apply it to your own life.

  • Enjoy creative activities like writing, drawing and mapping, dancing and movement, movie-making, arts and crafts and other creative activities.

  • Access and notices for updates included.

Let your Inner Child play and relax as you deepen and quicken your transformation and manifestation.

For only $25 USA

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Guided Journal Writing with Maria Mar's support

Enhance this product with an in-depth guidance, feedback and support from Maria Mar by working the journal writing questions in a private, secure online journal and then inviting Maria to respond. You can keep the free online journal at that site later on. Submit your journal entry and even images.

Choose one month or 3 months of journal writing support. Starts at $100.

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Two ebooks in PDF format: Novella and Workbook

Maps and templates
Conscious living practices
Journal Writing exercises
Access to Maria Mar’s Journal Notes
Enjoy creative activities
Access and notices for updates
Clickable Resources
Self-assessment tools
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Go from Blocked to Brilliant!

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