Give Yourself Permission to Deserve Success

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  • You are a spiritual, creative woman with great talents who is offering valuable gifts to the world right now. YET you do not FEEL that you are a success.

  • You are working very hard and giving so much to others, but cannot seem to find the path to your own success.

  • Even when you are doing good things in your field, you are not doing what you truly want or you are doing your work in a way that does not make you happy or that does not fulfill your own needs and desires.

  • Something is holding you back from your BIG vision. It is almost as if greatness, success and a blissful life were meant for others, but not possible for you.

  • You dream of doing what you love for a living; YET you are working another job because you can't seem to make money from your creativity, you hold back your luscious radiance or simply can't see... or believe... that you could earn consistent money doing what you love.

  • You are the mother, the daughter, the wife, supporting your family's dream. But what about your own Personal Dream? What about your passion or life purpose, burning inside right now?

  • In spite of hungering to follow your bliss or call, you constantly push your own fulfillment farther away, forfeiting your own happiness and success.

  • You may be a spiritual entrepreneur or artist  working in a vicious circle, like a hamster in a wheel, trying to make a living from your life purpose, but held back by old emotions, fears and problems that sabotage your success. What is this invisible foe undoing your work?

  • You may be all over the place. People look at you and see a popular, competent woman and secretly think: why is she not in a better position, or free and independent or making more money? You can see the question in their eyes because it is in your heart.

If you relate to any of these scenarios, you are not alone. I know this is small consolation; but understand that there are deep roots for your pain. You may know "herstory" as a woman --but do you know how it has been embedded in your psyche, bones and DNA? Do you know how it has stolen your Emotional Permission for success?

This book is a portal for spiritual, creative women to walk into Authentic Success.

The first in the The Successful Creative Woman Series (previously Bless your Success), ~and the first stage in an upcoming program Creative Woman Success, a program to help spiritual, creative women own and craft their success~ this book helps you find the Unique Essence at the core of your being that ALREADY is the success you long for.

This book allows you to experience right now that you are a success and were born a success. With that experience, your heart is full and you do not mistake what you have or achieve with your inherent worth.

This makes you fearless and unstoppable, as you will not weaken with any failure or difficulty.

This book helps you to spot and release the Prohibitions to Success and Happiness which have been laid over you, like Cinderella’s ashy rags. When you release these self-diminishing notions that hold you back, you become an Authentic Success right now.

This book is a scraper that scraps away the old veneer of undeservability, selflessness, sacrifice and judgment as well as the raggedy mantle of expectations, assumptions and limited beliefs that is covering your exciting possibilities from your own eyes.

This book is a compass that helps you find the Unique Essence at the core of your being that ALREADY is the success you long for.


  • Your Dream Crossover Special Report: Shamanic insights with practical exercises to uncover how to stop daydreaming and do your dream instead.

  • Swan Woman Anthology: Curated articles from my blog that help you grow your Swan Woman, the Feminine Archetype for leadership, personal power, authority and uniqueness.

  • Swan Woman Power Posture Guide; Align with your grace and power physically with this quick guide.

This includes updates for these bonuses at no charge for you. Some of the links in the resource areas may have changed.


  • Discover gender-related issues that may be stealing your success

  • Version 2 in PDF Format

  • Digital book. 61 pages.

  • Includes inspiring quotes, journal writing exercises, creative projects and clickable resources.

  • Includes free updates.

  • 3 bonuses: Special report, article anthology and Swan Woman Power Posture guide

  • Choose Premium Editions to turn this book into a program at a fraction of the cost.

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My Experiential Books allow you to go beyond reading and apply the shamanic insights and tools in the book to your current situation.


Experiential Options


Bronze: Journey to your Purpose

3 Shamanic Journeys (audio, MP3 format)

If you are confused as to your life purpose or feel that your emotional wounds and learned limitations constantly set you back so that you are not free to reach your potential, this is a good experiential option for you. It is super-affordable and you can do it by yourself in the privacy of your home.

Combine this book with the Journey to your Purpose: The Success Seed Audio Journeys to supercharge your Life Purpose and discover spiritual measures of success that nourish your confidence and growth.

Artist-shaman Maria Mar has created these three-step shamanic journey for spiritual, creative people who want to get crystal-clear about their purpose and the gifts they bring to the world and who seek measures of success that are coherent with their spiritual values.

These relaxing, deep-soul diving shamanic journeys help you to 1) Understand your essential qualities that make you unique and empower you to deliver your purpose, 2) Understand how all your life --including your mistakes-- is the blueprint for your life purpose, and 3) Embrace spiritual measures for your success that heal the doubts, shame and comparison that holds you back from embodying your purpose.

Add $40 ($5 off)

Silver: Guided Journal Writing

Don't allow self-help to become shelf-help! Apply this book to your life now.

Engage Maria in a private, safe ongoing support through the Guided Journal Writing Support for this book. Share your answers to the journaling questions in the book, get help applying the knowledge in the book to your life and share your creative projects.

You will share your process with Maria in a bank-level security protected online journal and Maria will give you feedback, added shamanic tools and insights and emotional support to go through the process and exercises in this book.

This option gives you one month of guided journaling support with one weekly journal exchange with Maria Mar.

Add $150

Gold: Live Shamanic Journey with Maria Mar

Enjoy a magical 2-hr live, face-to-face private online Shamanic Journey and consultation to experience this book as a journey with Maria Mar helping you through some of the key issues in the book.


1. A breath practice to receive your success.

2. Spot Female Family Karma that is sustaining the emotional prohibition to deserve your success. Learn to track down interferences and release them through the Freedom Steps, a simple and powerful practice to re-write old limiting stories into the story of you living your brilliance now.

3. Discover Inner Wars like creativity vs. prosperity, duty vs. delight or acceptance vs. success that are holding you back from experiencing success right now.

4. A customized ChiDance created for you to use sound and movement as alchemy to release the Emotional Prohibition and get your Emotional Permission to deserve success.

I recommend that you book this at least one week, preferably 2 in advance, so that you have time to read the book and do some of the exercises. That way you will be more clear on the support you need.

Add $275 ($25 off)

Platinum: Get it all!
Transform this book into a private program to empower your success.

This edition includes the book and all the Experiential Options above.

Add $450 (An additional $15 off)


  • Version 2 in PDF Format

  • Digital book. 61 pages.

  • Inspiring quotes,

  • Journal writing exercises,

  • Creative projects and

  • Clickable resources.

  • Includes free updates in new versions and VIP Notice/Early Bird Discount when the Creative Woman Success program is launched.

  • 3 bonuses: Special report, article anthology and Swan Woman Power Posture guide

  • OPTIONAL: Choose one or all the Experiential Options to turn this book into a program at a fraction of the cost.


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About Maria Mar

I am a Sacred Storyteller and shaman. I help you to change your story so that you can live your magic, awaken your creative genius and embody your purpose.You can read my stories... or you can RIDE them like magic carpets that take you into your dream... in real life! I do this by blending storytelling, personal growth, shamanic tools and ceremonies as well as my ARTchemy(tm), that allows you to use your creativity to transform your life. I  help you activate your Magic so you can live your Dream now!


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This book is a portal to genuine success that fills your heart and fulfills your purpose.

Inspiring quotes
Journal writing exercises
Conscious Living Practices
Creative projects
Clickable resources
3 bonuses to unleash your Feminine Power
Not sold separately
Bronze: Life Purpose audio journeys
Add $40 ($5 off)
Silver: One month Guided Journaling
Add $150
GOLD: Live, 2-hr private session with Maria Mar
Add $275 ($25 off)
Platinum: Audio journeys, private session and 1 month journaling
Add $450 (Additional $15 off)
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Give Yourself Permission to Deserve Success

0 ratings
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