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Maria Mar
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The Guided Journal Writing is an enrichment service that allows you to expand any book, product, audio or basic service into a customized program with private, direct communication with Maria Mar at a fraction of the cost for a supported program.

  • Work through any book, workbook, program or course in a free, secure and private journal service.
  • Make sure that self-help does not become shelf-help by answering each journal writing question Maria includes in the chapter on your online journal, from wherever you are.
  • Choose one weekly journal entry to share with Maria Mar. You can even consolidate the most important things, if you have written several entries that week.
  • Include images to show Maria some visuals. Maria can quickly scan energy from photos and audios to pick information that is invisible to the untrained eyes.
  • Receive Maria Mar’s detailed feedback, with insights, additional tools, clickable resources and referral to her blog articles as well as ideas for creative projects and conscious living practices that can expand your process and quicken your solutions.
  • Need help later on? Engage the Guided Journal Writing again and you can use the same diary.
  • No private issues exposed in emails that fly by with no security!
  • This site has a US Government: 256-bit AES encryption and bank grade encryption, so your journal entries are extremely protected. Maria keeps her online journal in this site. That is why she has chosen this site to enhance your experience.
  • Optional, at extra cost: use it in your mobile devices.


As long as your book or product offers access to the Guided Journal Writing, you have 4 options:

  • One month-4 journal entries
  • 3 months- 12 journal entries
  • 6 months- 24 journal entries
  • 1 year- 52 journal entries

How it works

  • Open your free, secure, private online journal. We will send you a link via email.
  • Each week you receive an email reminder to write in your journal and send notice to Maria. You can also set the journal to remind you via email.
  • Maria receives your email notice and visits your journal within 48 hours or less.
  • Maria reads your journal and comments with feedback, additional tools, clickable resources and lots of love, support and insights.
  • Work through workbooks, audios, home study courses, reports and playsets with Maria Mar’s ongoing support!
  • Choose the level of weekly support you want, from one month to one year.

Enrichment, Accountability and Support

The goal of the Guided Journal Writing is to give you the opportunity to really work through the journaling questions that Maria includes in most books and products with Maria Mar’s consistent, caring guidance.

  • Since Maria does not offer private consultations and the programs that include private consultations are on the medium-to-high-end price scale, she offers the Guided Journal Writing as a way to get her support and direct online communication at a fraction of the cost of a fully supported program.
  • The Guided Journal Writing also serves as an accountability tool. You know you need to do the journal writing exercises and show them to Maria, so you are more likely to read the material, do the work and follow the process. No more shelf-help! Take consistent action with full support!
  • Finally, the Guided Journal Writing allows you to expand a one-time purchase into a long-term program with in-depth, consistent support as you do the process that changes your life.

Price Options

  • One month-4 journal entries =$150
  • 3 months- 12 journal entries = $400
  • 6 months- 24 journal entries =$825
  • 1 year- 52 journal entries =$1,400

You can get this subscription service alone, to address what is going on in your life, or as an enhancement add-on with any of the products that offer this enrichment service. Look for the button at the bottom.):


NOTE: Only products that offer this Erichment Addon or programs that include it as a level option qualify.

You can also use this Addon as a stand alone to engage my help for a specific challenge you are facing now.

NO RISK! You have 10 days from the moment you subscribe to get a refund, less processing fees.

After that, your subscription is non-refundable.


Enhancement Add-on

Online journal writing
From anywhere
Private, secured
Choose the duration
Keep it after you're done
Military Encryption security
Mobile journal apps
$150 a month

Guided Journal Writing

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