A Place for Roses

Maria Mar
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Meet Aunt Emma, the favorite aunt of the protagonist.Witness a bitter-sweet family holiday encounter as this creative woman struggles with Aunt Emma for her to accept the three gifts she has brought her aunt while at the same time she faces the painful Aunt Emma shows her.

As she looks into these , the protagonist discovers how her struggles with love, health and wealth have been inherited from generations of female gifts and wounds in her family.

As her Power Hunter Animal follows the scent of her old wounds, the protagonist realizes why and how she's been holding back.

She also realizes the choices she has made that have enabled her to transmute her wounds into her , going from a victim to a . She faces the shocking realization that she is no longer that helpless girl that the family picked on for being weird and crazy.

But she knew this... why is it shocking? Because no matter how healing the realization that you have outgrown your Family Karma is, it is never a happy occasion to feel like the odd-one out.

In fact, she has not stood in her power for fear of once again feeling left out and alone! At least being the Ugly Duckling still kept her in the same universe as her family. Without that oppressive tug-of-war, she is free, but alone.

So that's why she has not fully step up to her potential!

She runs head-on into a new level of insights as she can finally recognize the essential choices that make the difference between staying trapped in your past or using it to reclaim your gifts.

This female journey is written with depth, compassion, humor and the shamanic voice that serves as the thread, weaving a magical net for the reader.

This storybook is easy to read yet full of shamanic wisdom. It is at moments funny and at moments dramatic as the shaman dives beneath the facade of reality to discover the hidden corners of her psyche.

This is a great read if you are seeking something that inspires and motivates, but also something that deepens your understanding of personal transformation.

This inspirational story is a "shamanized" story of author-shaman Maria Mar tracking down her wounds and family karma during a family holiday. The shamanic presentation of the real-life event allows the author to reveal the underbelly of reality as seen by a shaman. This embeds the inspirational story with shamanic knowledge from the and is especially targeted for spiritual, creative women. 


  • Witness me tracking my Female Family Karma
  • Witness my Power Animal hunting for the core issue to help my healing
  • Witness me dealing with emotional issues during the holidays
  • Enjoy a magical story that is both entertaining and deeply moving
  • Shamanic fiction (novella)
  • Digital Book Immediately downloadable
  • PDF Format, printable,
  • 117 pages
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Bronze: Home Study Course

Get both the novella and the workbook and turn this magical story into a quest to transform your wounds and "broken places" into your medicine and "power places"

Using shamanic energy tracking, journal writing, mind mapping and body maps, conscious living practices, creative projects and other fun experiential practices, you will:

  • Hunt down the Shadows/Gremlins that sabotage your healing or success.
  • Discover the core issues that hold you back and how they connect to your Family Karma
  • Recognize the Wounded Selves and Inner Children trapped in limiting stories like the Ugly Duckling that steal your success and sabotage the changes you want to make.
  • Spot the Inner Wars that keep you running in place and wasting energy.
  • Detect any learned set point that keeps you from making progress.
  • Discover how your family dynamics may have affected your ability to heal quickly and how to listen to your body to prevent disease and help it heal itself.

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  • Post the issues in the story that resonate with your life and challenges and Maria will give you support, feedback, shamanic tools and exercises to help you address that challenge. Do you want to heal emotional wounds that are part of your Family Karma? Do you want to learn more about tracking with your Power Animal? Do you want to deal with holiday issues, such as gifts, giving and receiving, anxiety in family gatherings, etc.? The Journaling Edition allows you to engage Maria's support in this process.
  • If you love journal writing, journal your thoughts and feelings for each chapter and then choose one weekly journal entry to share with Maria Mar.
  • Include images to show Maria some visuals. Maria can quickly scan energy from photos and audios to pick information that is invisible to the untrained eyes.
  • Receive Maria Mar’s detailed feedback, with insights, additional tools, clickable resources and referral to her blog articles as well as ideas for creative projects and conscious living practices that can expand your process and quicken your solutions.
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Gold: Hunter Power Animal Remote Reading

Do you want to find your Hunter Power Animal? This is the Power Animal that is your creation partner in tracking reality to discover:

  • Core issues in your transformation
  • Hidden invisible energy patterns that are affecting you and holding you back
  • The threads of Female Family Karma and Familly Karma created by family dynamics that may still be triggering old limiting stories and beliefs that set you to repeat the past in the future.
  • Tracking your Shadows/Gremlins to recognize self-sabotaging voices

In this edition, you fill out a questionnaire that allows Maria Mar to do a remote reading for you. She then sends you the Hunter Power Animal Remote Reading in PDF format via email. If you have any questions, you can contact her via email for her to answer.

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About Maria Mar

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Magical story of a shamaness summoning her Power Animal to track in the underground of her psyche and seize the core issue in her Family Karma, all during a holiday family reunion.


A Place for Roses

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