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The Embrace: The Power of Zero (Novella)

There are times when you feel utterly alone, unsupported, as if you had been abandoned by the universe.

Unfortunately, these are also the times when you need support the most. You are often going through loss, confusion or transitions.

The loss, fear and loneliness combine to create a mood of despair. You feel marked by misfortune, as if there was something wrong with you that had attracted ill fortune.

At these times, your loss seems to grow and engorge everything: a sickness leads to job loss. A fight leads to divorce. A betrayal leads to isolation.

And you feel that you have been pushed into a BIG 0, a huge zero.

This story reveals that the Place of Zero is also the place of possibility.

Follow Sola in a journey to retrieve her Soul and find her Sacred Self.

You will feel your energy moving from desolation into surrender, then into self-acceptance. You will then summon the courage to meet the Shadows stealing your light until you break through and land in another dimension of yourself, where you finally embody the radiance of your True Self.


If you like women's fiction and strong protagonists who overcome great challenges, you will love The Embrace.

This is a shamanic story based on a real situation I faced when I became homeless due to a home disaster.

It begs the question:

Who would you be if you lose everything that you have, everything that you've come to identify as who you are: your possessions, your livelihood, your tools, your home.

The Power of Zero is the shamanic secret embedded in this stirring story of loss, self-discovery and redemption.

It is written in a language created to get your soul to stand up, awake and pay attention.

It is constructed as a soul journey through the loss of what is into the experience of what can be when you are ready to stand in the Power of Zero and embrace your possibilities.


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  • 58 pages

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The Embrace: The Power of Zero (Novella)

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