The Embrace: The Power of Zero (Novella)

Maria Mar
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There are times when you feel utterly alone, unsupported, as if you had been abandoned by the universe.

Unfortunately, these are also the times when you need support the most. You are often going through loss, confusion or transitions.

The loss, fear and loneliness combine to create a mood of despair. You feel marked by misfortune, as if there was something wrong with you that had attracted ill fortune.

At these times, your loss seems to grow and engorge everything: a sickness leads to job loss. A fight leads to divorce. A betrayal leads to isolation.

And you feel that you have been pushed into a BIG 0, a huge zero.

The story in this novella reveals that the Place of Zero is also the place of possibility. This is a shamanic story, which entails a powerful journey using the alchemical power of story to affect your emotional vibration, expand your perception and shift your interpretation of what is going on. In other words, this 58-page story is life-altering.

Follow Sola in a journey to retrieve her Soul and find her Sacred Self.

You will feel your energy moving from desolation into surrender, then into self-acceptance. You will then summon the courage to meet the Shadows stealing your light until you break through and land in another dimension of yourself, where you finally embody the radiance of your True Self.


If you like women's fiction and strong protagonists who overcome great challenges, you will love The Embrace.

If you prefer deep diving into soul territory instead of easy, illusionary solutions or practical tools that stay in the surface, then this story is written for you.

This is a shamanic story based on a real situation I faced when I was at the edge of homelessness due to a home disaster.

It begs the question:

Who would you be if you lose everything that you have, everything that you've come to identify as who you are: your possessions, your livelihood, your tools, your home.

The Power of Zero is the shamanic secret embedded in this stirring story of loss, self-discovery and redemption.

It is written in a language created to get your soul to stand up, awake and pay attention.

It is constructed as a soul journey through the loss of what is into the experience of what can be when you are ready to stand in the Power of Zero and embrace your possibilities.


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  • 58 pages

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This is an Experiential Book(tm)

As a writer-shaman and transformation artist, I write books and stories that you can simply READ or you can RIDE as a vehicle for your real life transformation.

You can of course, simply READ this story for your inspiration. Choose the option "No Thanks, no Add-ons. Just the story."

However, when you choose to RIDE the story, it becomes a guided, live shamanic journey in which I help you transform the loss you are living into a new story where you are the author and you are living your brilliance, releasing your old limits and stepping into your brightest potential.

Using the power of story to shift your perception, uplift your vibration, examine your deepest personal truths and awaken your creative agency to change your reality, you can use this story to change your life right now.

Enhance this book into a full program with private support

I have created several experiences to support you in your journey. They are optional add-ons to the book.

If this story moves you deeply and you recognize you need this journey, but you need guidance and/or support, then you can use our ADD-ONS to enhance the book into a fully supported private program.

These options are good for you if you:

  1. Have a medium to high level of personal growth experience, so that you can quickly catch on as I help you track down hidden possibilities and then work on your own with my guidance and support.

  2. Are on a stage of loss/grief where you are ready and able to explore shifting perceptions and taking action, and if you

  3. Are an independent learner who is able and willing to do the self-care and transformation work on your own if you have guidance and support.

If you are in the early stages of loss, transition or grieving, you may want to read the book to touch on deeper issues and get emotional support to deal with them while you allow space for grieving.

Once you are ready to change your perception and take action, come back for the experiential guidance.

Experiential Option:

My Empty Hands

Shamanic Meditative Journey

Look at your Empty Hands and experience your grief for what you have lost. Whether it is material possessions, relationships, a job, your way or goals or anything else. Then, as you examine your Empty Hands, stand in your own Power of Zero to discover the many strengths, skills, tools and opportunities that are right now in your hands and the wisdom you have acquired through this loss.

This is an experience for those who are past the first stage of grieving and can begin to detach from the pain enough to see the medicine. If you are not there yet, this is not for you. Wait a bit more and then read the book and come back here. It is important that you honor your grief.

This is a live, private online shamanic journey. I guide you through your loss into discovering the possibilities inside this loss, any divine design or soul-blueprint hidden in the loss and your heart's compass and where it is pointing to. Your loss becomes your map to transformation, transition, growth and amplifying your capacity.

We meet for 2 hours in my Virtual Studio for a private, real time magical journey that will flip your perception of what is going on. Imagine this journey as a portal to a potent dimension of your current experience where loss is turn on its head and reveals the path to an expanded, new reality.


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Go from Loss to Self-transformation with this magical, soulful story.

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A story that calls your soul to wake up and helps you see the opportunities in your loss.

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