When the Moon Left

Maria Mar
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If you like women's fiction and archetypal stories that convey elemental truths about humanity in beautiful language and strong images, you will love When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power.

This short story is a ceremonial story, a type of story used by shamans to guide you in a shamanic journey that introduces universal, archetypal or wisdom teachings for life and allows you to experience them at a cellular and psychic level.

It includes the short story, a Story Quest (Medicine Story) and ceremony with instructions and templates to help you balance your Shakti and Shiva.

Using purely archetypal language and the shamanic teachings of the Sun and the Moon, this short story conveys a vital message from the Sacred feminine School of Wisdom.

This message is this:

There is a vital, urgent need for the Sacred Feminine (Shakti) to be brought into human awareness. The definition of power of the Sacred Feminine (Shakti), along with the Sacred Feminine Gifts in women are urgently needed to empower women, evolve humanity and save the planet.

Read the story  to find out why.

A Ceremonial Story

One of the most potent types of shamanic story is the Ceremonial Story.

Imagine the tribe gathered around a fire. The shaman tells a sacred story and as she speaks, the tribe entrains with her voice and goes into a magical journey to experience the story at a cellular and psychic level ~so that the story changes them from within.

Most ceremonies combine the shaman's guidance, sound and creative activities to deeply transform the perception, experience, vibration and beliefs of the person or collective.

A Ceremonial Story imbues this ceremonial experience into the reading experience.

A portal to your Goddess

"When the Moon Left" opens a portal to reconnecting to your Shakti or Sacred Feminine and reclaim your Shakti Gifts to awaken your leadership, power and confidence.

It allows you to experience the message that the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom is delivering to the women of the 21st Century.

I've included a Medicine Story that explains this message and defines all the concepts in simple terms that you can use in your life.

I've also included a mini Story Quest so that you can use the story to bring your Sacred Feminine (Shakti) and Sacred Masculine (Shiva) into balance. This ritual is called The Inner Marriage.

Finally, I include templates to help you create a Ceremony to achieve your Inner Marriage; bringing your Shakti and Shiva energies into harmony and healing the Inner Divorce.

If you are interested in doing a more in-depth ceremony or transformation, I recommend that you enhance the book using the Enhancement Addons.


  • PDF Format
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  •  Storybook is 37 pages

The storybook includes:

  • The Story
  • Medicine Story and Ceremonial instructions
  • Includes visual templates for your ceremony
  • Meditation poster for the ceremony (PNG and JPG formats, 10"X7.5" size, downloadable)
  • Vibrational Booster- Maria Mar in the Tibetan Singing Bow Audio Journey
  • 12 digital Artspiration Cards by Maria Mar (art+inspirational quote)
  • List of recommended free shamanic/spiritual sounds (with links) to use in the ceremony, and
  • A Resource Section

Enhance this book into a private support program

If you want guidance as you go through the ceremony or you have questions about the concepts this story presents, choose one of these Enhancement Addons to turn this book into a private support program for you.

Silver: Journaling Edition:

Private Journal Writing Guidance. Use journal writing to go through the book and ceremony. You will be guided to a free online journal with bank-level security. No vulnerable emails with your private information. Select the entries you want to share with me and I will respond usually within 24 hours with feedback, answers, new insights and tools and practices for your life. you keep the online journal for your own private use. One month of weekly journaling support. 4 journal entries. Add  $150

Gold: Shamanic Journey and Ceremony

Book a 2-hour live Shamanic Journey with a closure Ceremony to marry your Shakti and Shiva, bringing balance to your Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine so that they can collaborate instead of divorcing your power. Add $300.

Platinum: Shamanic Journey and Journal writing support

Silver and Gold: Book the Shamanic Journey/Ceremony with a month of follow-up journaling support. Add $450.

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  • A ceremonial story to recognize and honor your Shakti and marry your Shakti and Shiva powers.

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  • A ceremonial story to recognize and honor your Shakti and marry your Shakti and Shiva powers.
  • If you do not want to enhance this book, choose "NO, Thanks" from the Enhancement Addons Drop Down.
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When the Moon Left

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